Seattle, Washington

Living in Vancouver has a lot of perks, and one of them is definitely the ability of being able to make a quick day trip down to the beautiful and unique city of Seattle. Our day began with a quick two hour road trip full of some beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery and a lot of good music (of course, for some of what we were probably listening too make sure too check out my ‘songs for driving’ playlist).

Once we made into the city, we all agreed our first stop should be coffee and something to eat. After walking around a little, we found ourselves at an adorable little French cafe called Le Panier just outside of Pike Place, where we enjoyed some coffee and chocolate croissants. The cafe was lively and well worth the little stop, another bonus to visiting this cafe? It’s also only a few doors down from the worlds very first Starbucks, which looks almost exactly the same as it did when it first opened! If you ever find yourself around this area of the city, be sure to stop in, you most definitely will not regret it. Once we finally had something to eat, we went back towards the famous Pike Place Market. For those of you who have yet to go, even if only just for a few hours like we did, Pike Place Market is an absolute must do. Pike Place and everything else around it make up such a vibrant neighbourhood with hundreds of different unique places to eat and shop, I can promise you’ll never want to leave. It’s historic buildings and cobblestone roads provide visitors with a sense of character unique to itself, only emphasized by the local vendors and street performers that fill the marketplace and streets.

Once we had wandered through the market, we ventured down around outside the market and into Post Alley, home to Seattle’s weirdest tourist attraction, the gum wall. To be completely honest, it’s quite disgusting, but also surprisingly cool and well worth a visit. For over 20 years, visitors and locals have been stopping by this alley and sticking their gum against the wall, creating a pretty cool little area. With 20 years worth of gum, it’s starting to become an entire gum alley instead of just the one single wall, making it super easy to get in there and take some pictures or even just stick you gum your gum against the wall. Unlike Portland, Seattles southern neighbour, this isn’t city that necessarily promotes its weird side, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you like this wall and are in search another cool one much like it, walk North through Post Alley and back towards the main centre of Pike Place where you can find a smaller wall completely covered in stickers and posters all of sorts.


Once we had stuck around the gum wall long enough we continued to walk down the alley and away from pike place market towards the water. We ended up at Pier 57, a small little oceanside attraction just off the downtown core of Seattle. At Pier 57 you can find a beautiful ferris wheel, a carousel, any many other amusements. In my opinion, the best part of this little spot is the view of the rest of the city. For those of you who didn’t know, a fun fact about Seattle is that it is actually a city built on top of a city. The Seattle Underground, a now very popular tourist attraction, was a network of passages and basements built on ground level that fell to disuse after the streets started to become elevated. Seattle is also a city built on many different hills, giving it a very unique landscape. Pier 57 is a cool place to view the city because it gives you a perspective of the city from the ground level, allowing visitors to see the city and its beautiful skyscrapers from below.


As per usual in the Pacific Northwest, our day was interrupted by some pretty heavy rain. After leaving Pier 57, we headed back up into the main core of downtown Seattle where we wandered the streets and window shopped for many hours while trying to stay as dry as possible. If you’re a shopaholic like me, Seattle is truly the place to be. Just a few blocks East of Pike Place, you’ll find yourself in an amazing shop district fully equipped with stores like Nordstrom, Zara, Urban Outfitters and much, much more. Our short, yet very sweet day deserved a sweet ending, which we very happily found at the Cheesecake Factory – one of our absolute favourite places.

If you have more time then we did,  the fun things to do and cool places to visit in this city are endless, but I thought I would share with you a couple that you can get done even if you’re only passing through for a couple of hours. Although we only had a couple of hours to get our fill of this diverse, upbeat city we left feeling very fulfilled with our quick little getaway. Seattle truly is a city where anything goes and everyone belongs, which makes it one of my absolute favourite cities to visit.

We’ve got a lot of love for you Seattle, we’ll be back soon.


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