Continuing on from the first post I wrote about my trip to Greece this past May, after we left the beautiful and quaint island of Paros we sailed through Aegean Sea over to arguably the most popular destination in Greece, Santorini. Santorini is a place that I have dreamed of visiting ever since the first time I saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants many, many years ago and to my pleasure, my dreams of Santorini were not only fulfilled but surpassed. We’ve all seen photos of this beautiful location, but the photos do little justice to the magic that this place brings in real life.

Upon arriving to the island, we drove down to the Black Sand Beach where we were staying for the duration of our stay in Santorini to drop our bags before heading over to Oia to enjoy dinner and the world famous Santorini sunset. After navigating our way through the bustling and beautiful streets of Oia, we found the coveted lookout point for watching the sun go down over the island where we set up camp to enjoy some drinks and gyros. I don’t want to be dramatic, but the sunset we witnessed this night was one of the most magical moments of my entire life. This entire night I couldn’t help but be in complete and total of awe of what I was seeing and what I was experiencing. This was one of those moments where I had to keep pinching myself and reminding myself that this was real life because it simply seemed too good to be true. After the sun finally set and Santorini became illuminated under the night sky, we made our way back through the narrow and lively streets to turn in for the evening.

The next morning we woke very early and ventured back to Oia to see all the beauty this town had to offer in the daylight, and again, we were far from disappointed. We spent the first half of our day on the island exploring the streets and shops of Santorini and returned back to the lookout point we had been at the night before to take in the incredible view one more time before we moved onto other parts of the island. After we had taken in the last bit of our time in Oia, we travelled back towards our hotel and spent the afternoon on the Black Sand Beach and enjoying some of the local cuisine that was offered. To end off an amazing day and stay in Santorini, we again spent the evening on the Black Sand Beach after a barbecue dinner and pool party at our hotel playing games and drinking ciders out of the corner store drink cooler, which ended up being a fun filled night which I will never forget.

The next morning it was time to head off to our final Greek island, the island of Ios. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when heading to Ios as I had never previously heard of it, but this island ended up being the most perfect way to end off an amazing and crazy busy trip. With its white sand beaches and beautiful bright blue waters, Ios is the perfect island for relaxation. We stayed at Far Out Beach Club which is an apartment style brand new hotel that is located right across the street from an amazing beach and many fun water sports. After spending the first day on the beach soaking in the European sun and sand, we spent our last full day on the island swimming through caves, snorkelling over shipwrecks and hanging out on our own private beach that we took boat to for lunch. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end our time on the islands than relaxing by the beach and enjoying the last bit of time we had with some of the amazing people that we were fortunate enough to meet on this trip.

The next morning we boarded our final ferry back to Athens where we spent our last night before flying home. Once we reached Athens we had one final celebratory dinner with a stunning view of the illuminated Acropolis. This was a trip that I have spent my life dreaming about, and I am so grateful that I got to do it at the age of 18 with my best friend by my side. These were without a doubt the most incredible two weeks of my life which I will never forget. For those of you reading this, I highly recommend making a visit to Greece at some point in your life. You absolutely not regret it.

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